Lisa Cooley is pleased to present Slipping Control (LC Edition), a 25-minute sound piece for voice and gated electronics by performances by Ben Vida. The performance is organized in conjunction with the group exhibition, Itself Not So, curated by Rachel Valinsky and on view through August 29th. Continuing to build on the idea of Control Paths and the use of Voice as a Control Source, Ben Vida will perform a new version of Slipping Control. Scored for voice and gated fixed electronics this work focuses on the organic rhythmic instability of vocal performance and the use of text based scores to communicate rhythmic information. This will be the first solo iteration of the piece.

Ben Vida is a New York-based artist and composer. He has been an active member of the international experimental music community for two decades with a long list of collaborators, bands and releases to his credit. In the mid 90s he co-founded the group Town and Country and has since worked as a solo artist with releases on such labels as PAN, Alku, Shelter Press and Kranky. He has presented works in a range of museums, galleries and music venues including the MoMA, The Kitchen, the MCA, ICP London, Audio Visual Arts, The Artistʼs Institute, and the Sydney Opera House to name a few. He has performed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. Recent activities include performances at LiveArtsWeek at Museo d 'Arte Moderna di Bologna,the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Meltdown Festival in London, and the debut of a newlycommissioned composition for Unsound presented at Experimental Intermedia in New York. This spring he will stage the next iterations of his video and performance pieces, Slipping Control and Damaged Particulates at 356 Mission in Los Angeles.